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    TiN & PVD Coatings

    Titanium Nitride it is unique in terms of firearm finishes as it not only gives a custom look to your firearm, but it also adds durability and reduces the friction on the coated part. This allows you to run your firearm with less oil/lube, and makes cleaning much easier. Another plus with Titanium Nitride is that the average coating adds approximately 3 micrometers of thickness, so it will enhance the function and look of your firearms without causing any interference. If you are tired of having a barrel with wear marks or a coating that lacks durability, order a TiN refinish. You will not be disappointed!

    Along with TiN, we also offer multiple colors of PVD coatings. These vary in durability with the colors Halo, FDE, and Bronze being the least durable. 

    ** Please note that the amount of carbon in each barrel may vary. This can cause your TiN coating to vary slightly in color from the images shown. This is more noticeable with our Rose color. Glock barrels tend to be a lighter pinkish rose color, where as SIG & HK barrels tend to be a darker purplish bronze. There is no way for us to change the color of the finish.