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TiN & other PVD Coating - Handgun Barrel

TiN & other PVD Coating - Handgun Barrel

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TiN/PVD Color
Extra barrel length *how many inches over 5

This is for standard single piece handgun barrels 5 inches or under. If your barrel is longer, please select the extra inches over 5 inches to see the updated price.

If you have a thread protector and would like it refinished, please see our small parts section and purchase a Zone 1 small part.

If you have an AR barrel, please visit the AR barrel section.

If you have a 1911 barrel, the link and pin do not need to be removed. 

Our standard turnaround time for our available TiN/PVD service is around 1-3 weeks.

 Questions about the durability, or thickness of TiN or PVD? See our FAQ page for more information!

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