Do you do gun transfers or gun/ammo sales? 
  • We do not. 
What is the turn around time? 
  • Standard TiN/PVD service - 1-3 weeks
  • Cerakote only- due to large commercial orders currently in the shop we are at 4-6 weeks.
  • Cerakote and stipple on the same frame - 4-6 weeks
  • Stipple only - 1-3 weeks
  • Optic Cuts with no refinish - 1 month 
  • Optic Cuts with a refinish (Cerakote or TiN/PVD) - 1-3 months
  • If your order deviates from standard services, or requires disassembly, additional time may be required. These lead times do not include shipping time. 
If I'm local, can I stop by? 
  • We do operate by appointment only. To avoid any confusion we ask that our local customers complete their order online and then contact us for an appointment to drop off the order. We will let you know when you order is complete and also set up an appointment to pick up your order as well. No shipping is charged for local customers. 
How to I send my parts to you?   
  • Slides/barrels/small parts/ non registered parts can be mailed to us via USPS or shipped to us using UPS/FEDEX. 
  • Frames/registered parts have three options:

1) Send directly to us. Firearms and registered parts are not able to be mailed via USPS. Please use UPS (preferred) or FedEx. Please include a copy of your ID, and your order number. We strongly suggest to include a copy of our FFL which can be printed off here. If you are unable to print off a copy of your ID, please email it to us at brazenfirearms@gmail.com along with your order number. Return shipping to you will be to the address on your ID via UPS adult signature required.

2) Use shipmygun.com. Register for an account through them (they already have our FFL on file), provide them with the necessary documents and they provide you a UPS shipping label that may be cheaper than shipping it through UPS yourself. Return shipping to you will be to the address on your ID via UPS adult signature required. 

3) Contact a local FFL and have them send us your firearm/registered part. Upon completion, we will send the parts back to them. 

How do you send my packages back and can you insure them? 

We use UPS Ground for all packages. Frames and registered parts will need adult signature upon delivery. If you choose the $100 insured shipping option, it will be insured through UPS. If you choose any other shipping insurance option at checkout, the insurance is through a 3rd party insurance company and they are replacement value only, they will not just cut you a check for the amount chosen. 

    What is your address?
    • USPS packages only: 
    Brazen LLC
    PO Box 80611
    Canton OH 44708
    • UPS/FEDEX packages only:
    Brazen LLC
    1111 Raff Rd SW
    Canton OH 44710

     What payment methods do you accept? 

    • Check, Money Order, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and cash in person.
    Can you TiN coat threaded barrels?  
    • Yes we can, it doesn't alter the threads and actually offers them more protection. 
    Can you TiN coat aftermarket barrels?  
    • Yes we can, in fact aftermarket barrels coatings are a large part of our business. 
    Can you coat my slide or other small parts?  
    • We can TiN coat any part that is stainless steel, or titanium. We cannot refinish aluminum, zinc alloy, or other metals in TiN. We offer Cerakote for those metals. If your parts are not stainless or titanium, we are not responsible for any damage caused to your parts while in our TiN chamber.
    Can you coat my frame? 
    • We will Cerakote frames, and do this frequently. We do not offer TiN finish on frames.
    Does this coat the inside of the barrel?
    • It will coat inside the crown and chamber, the areas where most wear occurs. It does not affect your rifling.  
    Can I send you a new barrel?
    • We actually recommend shooting with your new barrel a couple hundred rounds so that the barrel and slide are fully seated together, prior to sending it our way.
      Can I send in new sights?
      • We will remove and reinstall dovetailed sights free of charge on any pistol, however, we are not responsible for potential damage of sights during removal/installation. Many manufacturers (XD, Kimber, etc) are known for sights that are difficult to remove. 
      How durable is TiN or PVD and what is the warranty? 
      • Our TiN and other PVD coatings are very durable. If you are looking for the colors that are the best for high friction and use- we recommend Gold, Black, or Rose as those are the most durable. 
      • We do warranty our TiN & PVD coatings against manufacturing defects, but do not warranty against wear marks as the amount of friction can vary greatly between firearm and holster models. 
      Does the coating need oil?
      • While TiN has great lubrication properties, you still need to utilize lubrication.
       Does the TiN coating prevent rust? 
      • Your parts can still rust with the TiN coating. Regular oiling is still needed.
      What should I use to clean my parts? 
      • Most of the time, a paper towel will remove any grime and carbon. If you ever have material transfer or a stubborn mark, 0000 steel wool with oil will remove it. 
        Do you work directly with other FFLs?  
        • Yes, and we have a nice dealer program. Please contact us for details.

        If I send you parts that I have polished will you coat them?

        • No, we will not. We only offer our satin finish and all pieces will be media blasted prior to refinishing, this will remove any polish look.  

         Will you disassemble my slide/frame?

        • Anything other than a Glock slide/frame will most likely result in an armorer's fee. Please contact us prior to mailing in your parts to verify there are no extra charges.