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TiN Coating - Battleworn

TiN Coating - Battleworn

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Base Titanium Nitride Color
Cerakote Battleworn Color

Any slide other than a Glock must be sent in completely disassembled, no pins, springs, extractors, firing pins can remain. We can remove sights, but do not warranty them.

Do you want the durability of TiN, but also like battleworn look and the colors of Cerakote? You can achieve durabilty, and color with our battleworn TiN option. Your slide will be coated in the Titanium Nitride color of your choice, then Battleworn on top of with your Cerakote color choice. This gives a really unique look with the added durability of the Titanium Nitride. 

Due to website limitations, not all of our Cerakote colors are listed in the drop down. If you do not see the color you would like, please contact us and we can invoice you directly.


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