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TiN & other PVD Coating - Small Parts -

TiN & other PVD Coating - Small Parts -

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Individual Small Parts

Use code, packagediscount, at checkout to receive 20% off your small parts refinishing when you purchase a minimum of $50 in small parts refinishing!

Please note: you need to select a zone per part. If you have three pins you should purchase (3) Zone 1 coatings. If you have a Slide Stop and a Slide Lock you should purchase (2) Zone 2 coatings, etc. 

Zone 1: Extractors, Pins, Small Screws, Mag buttons.

Zone 2: Slide Lock, Slide Stop Lever, Safety Lever, Take-down Lever, Barrel Bushing, Hammer, Trigger 

Zone 3: Magwell Housing, Grip Safety, Locking Block, Guide Rod. *Please note we cannot coat captured guide rods, it MUST be able to be completely taken apart as we do not coat springs. 

Your small parts must be steel or titanium, we cannot refinish aluminum or polymer in TiN or any PVD finish. 

Our standard turnaround time for our available TiN/PVD service isaround 1-3 weeks.

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