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    Stippling and Grip Texturing - Glock, SIG, H&K, S&W, CZ, and others

    We have many textures to accommodate each individual shooter. As long as your frame is polymer, we can stipple it. Please note that all of our stippling and borders are done by hand, so every frame will be unique. Below is a scale of our textures. 1 being the most textured. Please note that these are listed how they feel on a Glock frame. SiG, M&P, and other polymers tend to feel more aggressive so we suggest 8-10 with those frames. 

    1) Matrix
    2) Thatched
    4) Cobweb
    5) Brick
    6) Ivy
    7) Maze
    8) Honeycomb
    9) Prism
    10) Carry
    11) Starburst
    12) Hurricane